Get on your bike

it's Turbo time

it’s Turbo time

We at the Peffery Way have a challenge for you.

How do you fancy the chance to win a bottle of Glen Wyvis gin? All you have to do is take part in our Peffery Way Turbo Challenge.

Get on your bike – either at a gym or on your own Turbo Trainer – and see how far (in km) you can travel in one minute. Then, when you’re done, why not film yourself then challenge your friends to see how far THEY can go?

We will also be taking a Turbo Trainer along to a number of local events this summer too.

All we ask is that you make a donation to our Peffery Way fund to help build an all access walking/cycle path between Dingwall and Strathpeffer.

Why not get some family and friends to sponsor you?

The competition is open to people of all ages (although obviously U18s will receive an alternative prize to gin if they win)

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